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Personal postdoctoral

Orizaola Pereda, Germán

Investigador Ramón y Cajal
98 510 4840
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Áreas de interés:

  • Zoología
  • Ecología evolutiva
  • Adaptación local
  • Plasticidad
  • Radioecología


  • Burraco, P., Valdés, A. E. and Orizaola, G. 2020. Metabolic costs of altered growth trajectories across life transitions in amphibians.
  • Murillo-Rincón, A.P., Laurila, A. and Orizaola, G. 2017. Compensating for delayed hatching reduces offspring immune response and increases life-history costs. : Oikos 126, 565-571
  • Murillo-Rincón, A.P., Kolter, N. A., Laurila, A. and Orizaola, G. 2017.  Intra-specific priority effects modify compensatory responses to changes in hatching phenology in an amphibian. : Journal of Animal Ecology 86, 128-135
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  • Orizaola, G., Richter-Boix, A. and Laurila, A. 2016. Transgenerational effects and impact of compensatory responses to changes in breeding phenology on antipredator defenses. : Ecology 97, 2470-2478
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  • Nunes, A.L., Orizaola, G., Laurila, A. and Rebelo, R. 2014. Rapid evolution of constitutive and inducible defenses against an invasive predator. : Ecology 95, 1520-1530.
  • Orizaola, G., Dahl, E. and Laurila, A. 2014. Compensatory growth strategies are affected by the strength of environmental time-constraints in anuran larvae. : Oecologia 174, 131-137.
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